Seniors get Hersheypark happy

CyNaa Mitchell, Staff writer

The senior class prepared for new beginnings as they got close to the end of the school year by making more memories with each other during a May 19 trip to Hersheypark in central Pennsylvania.

Before leaving, the class of 2023 was awarded with breakfast from Bria and Latella.

“It was good,” said Alycia Mintze.”I ate with CyNaa, Riley, Josh — my friends.” 

Breakfast choices included scrambled eggs, cinnamon French toast sticks, and fresh fruit. Kaitlyn Tsinaroglou “had the cinnamon sticks they had and the eggs.”

Once at the amusement park, Carroll’s seniors found they had a lot of company. Students from many schools were present at the park that day, making it difficult to get on rides. 

“The park was packed,” said Tsinaroglou. “I got on the bumper cars and I forgot the other one, but I tried the side games to win a prize, too.”

The wait for rides frustrated Karli Adams.

“I got on one ride and I waited 10 years to get on the roller coaster that lasted like 2.5 seconds for a 2 hour wait.” said Adams. 

Even though it was difficult for the seniors to enjoy the park at its full potential, they still had a good time. 

“It was a different setting and it helped us have new experiences rather than sitting in a classroom talking,” said Mintze.