Senior goodbye: Ryan Callaway


Dear Archbishop Carroll,

I am glad I chose to go to a school with so much character and community. I will never forget the dysfunctional stalls, the polarizing and contrarian A/C, and the wraps at lunch. Although COVID took a toll on our schoolwide connection, I still feel as though we bonded as a school and are now working together to reach our maximum potential. The people acting as if they drank three gallons of coffee every morning (you know who you are) and the strange smell that my mom says I bring home from school are just a few of the things that will allow me to look back at this school fondly.

To the underclassmen, remember to make time for yourself. During my junior year, my entire life was encompassed by work. Whether it was school work or my job, I could not find time for myself. A large part of high school involves finding out who you are and what you want to do. No one expects you to have the answers, but the path to figuring it out is what you are here for.

To the teachers I had, thank you for being so open. One of the best memories I have of this school is arguing or just conversing with the teachers during class. Whether it was going head-to-head with Father Cavara or messing with Mrs. Buchanan, waking people up with our conversations will always be a fond memory. Sometimes I needed an extension, and making friends with the teachers and relating to them went a long way. I learned that as long as both sides respect each other, both sides can succeed.

Thank you, Archbishop Carroll.


Ryan Callaway