Senior goodbye: Frankie DiCarlo

Dear underclassmen,

I just wanted to thank Archbishop Carroll for the best four years of my life. Even though we were snubbed of practically a year and a half, I was able to make the most of it. I met my best friends that I will have for the rest of my life. Coming here only knowing two other people seemed like it was going to be hard. It really wasn’t. I met so many amazing people right away and I am so lucky to have them.

Sports at Carroll really showed me the Carroll community. Every team I was on became a family and I am so grateful for that. I made so many memories that will be remembered forever.

To the up and coming seniors, you will realize how much Carroll really means to you when it is almost over. Kairos really helped me with seeing how much I love everyone in my grade and how hard it is going to be to leave them. I hope you guys have already noticed this. Sports, activities, and every time you get to see your grade, you should make the most of it because it doesn’t last forever. You don’t want to look back with any regrets. Senior year was the fastest year and the best year. You guys are still juniors and should be excited for your senior year. Try to involve yourself in as many activities as you can because that is what makes school fun. Going on Kairos was the best decision I made, so definitely find time to go because it was life changing. Your grade had it the hardest with COVID because you didn’t meet half your grade until sophomore year. I hope you were able to branch out and really get close to others because their are so many amazing people.

I have too many memories to just pick one, but I would have to say joining the bowling and lacrosse teams. I expanded my horizon by joining these teams with no experience. With great coaches and teammates I rose to the top pretty fast. My bowling team got really close, we still text each other in our group chat and still go bowling for fun all the time. My lacrosse team are like my brothers. Every single one of them would do anything for me and I would do the same. I am going to miss them all and will definitely keep in touch with them.