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Kairos 113 starts Tuesday

The Greek letter chi, which looks like an X, and the Greek letter rho, which looks like a P, combine to create the chi-rho symbol. Because chi and rho are the first two letters of the Greek word Christos, which is the Greek word for Christ, the chi-rho symbol has significance among Christians. The symbol also sounds like the name of the retreat, Kairos, which is pronounced kye-ROWS or KYE-rahs. Kairos is a Greek word that means “the right time,” or “God’s time.”

This week, 45 Archbishop Carroll seniors will participate in the school’s 113th Kairos retreat. 

The retreat will be held at the Malvern Retreat House from Jan. 9 to Jan 12. Students leave after school and stay overnight to build a closer relationship to their classmates and God without the pressures of everyday life. 

Senior Sarah Barrera-Cruz is among the 45 students who will be partaking in the retreat. 

“I’ve seen so many students come back and come back closer than ever and more faithful,” said Barrera-Cruz. “I felt like my senior year would be incomplete without going.” 

Senior Angelina Alberici agreed. 

“I was so curious about what the retreat is about that I just had to sign up,” said Alberici.  

The retreat’s events are not revealed beforehand to the students. However, the student leaders and the teacher leaders who have gone on Kairos before know what takes place. 

Mrs. Diane Gimpel, an English teacher and veteran Kairos leader, said that she still finds the retreat enjoyable even after attending it for so many years. 

 “To an outsider it may seem like it might be boring, to go over and over, but even though the retreat follows a formula and it progresses the same way each time, it really is different each time because it is always a different group of people,” Mrs. Gimpel said. “Each one has a different vibe and is a positive experience in different ways.”  

The final Kairos for the class of 2024 will take place in April. Seniors who do not attend Kairos will be required to attend a retreat day in school.

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