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Spring uniform makes its return with both praise and criticism

Mia Sottovia
Senior Tyhir Phillips enjoys the spring sun in his spring uniform.

On April 17, Archbishop Carroll rolled out its spring uniforms, sparking both praise and criticism among members of the senior class. 

Principal William Gennaro stressed the importance of following the dress code, which aims to prepare students for life beyond high school. He emphasized that violating the dress code could result in demerits.

“It’s our goal to really try and give them an opportunity to learn what’ll be expected of them once they leave high school,” said Mr. Gennaro.

Despite these rules, some students push the boundaries. Mr. Gennaro noted instances where students tried to alter their uniforms.

“The biggest challenge with any dress code is when people tweak it and then others feel they have the opportunity to make a drastic change to the uniform,” said Mr. Gennaro.

The timing of the switch to spring uniforms divided opinions. Senior Nilani Curtis liked the change but felt it came too late.

“It definitely started later this year,” said Curtis. “I think it is really weird that we can’t wear the spring uniforms year-round.”

Senior Rachel Durham wished she could have worn spring uniforms earlier when it was warmer.

“I feel like I would’ve liked to start the spring uniform when we got back from spring break because it was a lot warmer then,” said Durham. 

Senior Tori Nocito suggested that girls’ uniforms should be more tailored and freshmen should face stricter enforcement.

“I wish the polos weren’t unisex and that the girls at least had a band at the bottom, that would be so much better,” said Nocitio. “I think the administration needs to be stricter on the freshmen because, at this point, they get away with everything.”

Senior Hassan Poulson-Bailey also weighed in, expressing discomfort with the lack of options for boys, particularly the absence of shorts.

“I do not think it’s right that the girls get to wear skirts and the boys don’t have the option to wear shorts,” said Poulson-Bailey.

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