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Senior goodbye: Heidi Davis


Dear Archbishop Carroll,

When I think of my time here, I think of mixed feelings. So many things come into my mind when someone says Carroll, like how I did not see half of my class freshman year, or how my teachers would take our attendance [on Zoom], and then just let us leave. I have had really great memories and also some not great memories over the past four years. Every day when I walk into school, I get hit with the same exact smell. I could not tell you what that smell is; I just know I won’t forget it. When I tell my friends about Carroll, I tell them that something crazy and exciting happens every day. In my time here, I have made some really great friends and amazing memories with them. Going from seeing them everyday to maybe seeing them once a year really is something that is hard to think about. 

I want to thank my family for this because they have helped me so much, from freshman year and not knowing really anything to graduating and knowing so much more and having so much more friends. I always listened to my cousins when they told me that four years fly by in a second. I truly never believed them, until now. From missing my 8th grade graduation four years ago to now graduating high school but also missing it, sadly, I can’t believe it went so fast. My 8th grade self would be so amazed and proud of my future self. I would have never thought that I would be continuing my rowing career and going D1 next fall. 

If I had to give the underclassmen some advice, I would have to tell them to not worry about getting straight A’s – to have fun and to not stress so much. I would know. Do not overwork or overload yourself senior year because after Christmas break you will not want to do any work, no matter what you say. My four years at Carroll went by way too fast and especially my senior year. I made so many amazing memories senior year from Kairos, sports, and just class in general. Take your last couple of years and really enjoy it at Carroll because soon it will be a memory. 


Heidi Davis

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