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Senior goodbye: Daniel Howard


Dear friends,

The time has come for us to move on with our lives and accomplish great things.  Many of us will become the next generation of leaders while some of us will not.  I hope to remember the people I have met along the way, especially those who have impacted me.  I hope to have the same effect on some of my fellow graduates.  The main points of this letter are to say goodbye as well as thank you and give advice to any people who are willing to listen.

Firstly, the most important thing is to thank my parents, who have paid for my education and have been there since day one, making sure I do not become an ungrateful, disrespectful member of society.  They have given me the most useful trait anyone can have, which is a fruitful upbringing in the Catholic faith.  When times are tough or things do not go my way, there is always a place in God.  The next people to thank are the teachers who have given me an education and manners.  Without them, we would be worth nothing.  Lastly, I want to thank all of my friends and even those people whom I do not talk with regularly who have been by my side supporting me and everything I do.  There have been many people throughout my high school career who have made me who I am, and to those people, thank you.

I wish I had listened to my older brothers and sisters when they gave me advice as I was starting my freshman year.  I will give similar advice.  I think that everyone should get involved with as much as possible as early as possible.  I know that we went through Covid, but I wished I had done more my freshman so I could have made stronger connections with my peers.  My other piece of advice is to talk to people, even if you do not know them or think they are odd.  People are a mystery, and you should try to make as many friends as possible.

Thank you to those who read this letter.  Goodbye to everyone who has helped me.

Danny Howard

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