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Senior goodbye: Hadley Sheehan


Dear Archbishop Carroll,

Thank you for gifting me with my people. I know that is such a simple thank you, but truly I mean it. I strongly believe my life would be nothing without the friends that have entered and became a part of my life. I wouldn’t want it any other way than the way it is now. Not only do I feel I’m at one of the most comfortable places I have ever been in high school, but the happiest too.

I have found the people that understand me. This has been carried throughout my morals, opinions, emotions, personality, and intentions. Additionally, I am around people I can be my true self with and experience pure, strong friendships. These are people I will never lose thought of and forever hold onto. Everyone is loving to one another in this friend group, which isn’t very common in large friend groups. One of the most important things that I find in a friendship, is someone who can accept you and be by your side no matter what. It will always stick with me when I have someone who is there for the highest of the highs AND the lowest of the lows. 

I would think that friendships have never been the easiest for me or rather anyone. Those who have, are extremely lucky. However, I believe what I have had to experience socially has only made me stronger mentally and made what I have possible. I have come to the realization realize and terms with so many instances that have only made me grow. As upsetting as it is, senior year is coming to an end. In simpler terms, right when everything has fallen into place and gotten to the bestbets it’s been, isit’s almost over.  My life would never be the same as it is right now, but it certainly wasn’t easy getting here. 

It really pains me to say that I won’t be with all these people almost every day in a few weeks. I put off writing this letter for as long as I could today, because I knew I would be balling my eyes out writing this. If there was one thing I had to add, it would be how prayer got me to where I am. I would say that praying to God that everything would work out was one of my most memorable prayers answered. It’s such a big ask from God and takes time. However, it was so fulfilling and relieving when I could see what I have now come to life. It took multiple prayers a day for years, but it all worked out in the end. 

For any underclassmen reading this, I hope you know that it’s okay for friends to come and go. It’s okay to feel like you failed someone or that you’ve been defeated by another person. And as hard as it may sound, everything clicks into place that final year.  You most likely won’t get to find your real people until you experience the majority of your high school education. I’m beyond thankful that I got to at least have the chance to have the friends I have now. Most importantly, I wouldn’t change it for the world. 

Hadley Sheehan

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