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Senior goodbye: Declan Anstock


Dear Mrs. Amlin,

Thank you for being my favorite teacher at Carroll. When I first arrived at your class, I thought I was going to struggle, and not do well. I did not know how good of a teacher you were until I got to class. I struggled sometimes throughout the year but you always were patient with me and made sure I had the math down. I could tell I frustrated you sometimes when I struggled with the work. You always made sure I knew what I was doing. I remember on the first day of school when you said how hard the class would be I thought I would not do well, but I did not know how good of a teacher you are.

In the third quarter when I got a 98% on a test that was a very big accomplishment for me in math class. The 98% on a math test was the highest math test grade I had received while in high school. I locked in and did well on every test we had this year. You helped me lock in throughout the year, when the work got hard. This past year I have learned the most math in my life, especially because I have never been all that good at math. I will say I did doubt myself after the first week of school because you warned us how hard the class would be. After the first week of school I knew this class would be very hard for me. Even when it got hard and I was always struggling you never seemed to get mad at me you pushed me to do my best.

I can genuinely say that you made a major impact on my life this school year. You are one of my favorite and best teachers I have ever had. I will never forget senior year math class my whole life. Thank you for not assigning a lot of homework and helping us do it in class. For the first time in my life I was excited to go to math class and learn math this year. I was doubted but I made it through the school year and without your help I would have had lots of trouble with that class. Thank you, Mrs. Amlin.


Declan Anstock

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