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Senior goodbye: Lauren McAndrews


Dear Archbishop John Carroll, 

I want to say thank for being such a welcoming community. After leaving Merion Mercy I was not in a good place. I was very excited for a new start, but was scared that I was going to be in the same place. Preparing to embark on a new adventure I talked with my best friend, Sarah Rosanova. She told me all the ins and outs of Carroll, what food to eat, who the cliches are, and what teachers are stern. I felt very ready, until the last day of summer started to dwindle down. I became filled with stress and anxiety. I went to bed and woke up for school, put my brand new uniform on, and was picked up by Sarah’s mom. As we pulled up to the school placed on the beautiful hilltop I was no longer nervous and was filled with excitement. 

Although my time in highschool was not the easiest journey, I would not change a thing. Carroll has offered me the best friends and memories. I was able to meet some of the most influential people that help shape me into the person I am today. Mrs. Owens helped teach me all to know about the human body in eight period Anatomy and Physiology. That is where I knew for sure nursing is the only thing I want to do with my life. I found myself wanting to learn more and never wanted to put my notebook away. 

Junior year quickly came to an end, and I found myself signing up for June Kairos. I was nervous for who would be in my group and what we would do there. Is the naked voleyball real? Another experience that when I arrived I was immideatly relieved and knew this is where I was ment to be. I was lead by not one but two amazing adult leaders, Mr. Genero and Mr. Cavara. Mr. Genero reminded me of a teddy bear and someone that would never judge a thing you would say. He made me feel comfortable about sharing everything and anything I wanted to. While I was sharing a story about growing up I mentioned my cousin Lisa and how her passing has greatly affected me. Mr. Cavara mentioned, when he was talking about where he went to college, he was able to met Lisa and befriend Lisa. I took this as a sign that she was gifting him to me to help me through the rough patches that come with being a senior. Mr. Cavera helped me figure out and navigated the entire college process. Whenever I found myself overwhelmed I would go to his office and he would allow me to talk about it or even just sit quietly while I calmed down. 

Senior year brings a lot of new things into your life. I was able to receive the gift of a new friend, Mrs. Gimpel. She instantly felt like a mother figure to me. I have always found myself to be the type of person that gravitates towards adults. Mrs. Gimpel has shown me what it could be like to enjoy what I do every day. I knew that if I ever needed advice from anyone, I could go to her. I wish that she knew how much I appreciated her and how excited I am for her to have this new beginning she is about to face. I have grown an amazing friendship that I hope will last a lifetime.  

As this goodbye letter comes to a conclusion, I just want to say thank you, Carroll, for never letting me quit, and gifting me the most amazing friends and influences and memories. You will always be in my heart. 

Thank you for the greatest times,

Lauren McAndrews

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