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Archbishop Carroll’s Spring Concert showcases student talent and dedication

During the annual spring concert, junior Daniel Peterkin debuts his talent at conducting the choir.

On the evening of Wednesday, May 15, the halls of Archbishop Carroll resonated with the sounds of harmony and rhythm as students took to the stage for the annual Spring Concert. The event, a highlight of the school’s musical calendar, featured performances by the choir, concert band, and jazz band, under the skilled guidance of Miss Suzanne Carpenter and Mr. Jeff Darrohn.

The concert featured memorable performances, including soloists from both the jazz and concert bands. A highlight was the concert band’s rendition of Henry Mancini’s “Baby Elephant Walk,” which featured three student soloists at the microphone.

Miss Carpenter, the choir conductor, shared insights into the preparation that went into the evening’s choral performances. 

“I selected the pieces for the choir around January and February to ensure we had ample time for rehearsals,” said Miss Carpenter. “Learning music involves many steps—first, learning each part individually, then combining different parts within the ensemble to work on blending, intonation, and dynamics.”

Daily rehearsals during second period and additional lunchtime sessions with bassists ensured that every note was pitch-perfect.

Among the standout moments was junior Kadin Kingston’s participation, who not only sang in the choir but also played in both the concert and jazz bands. Additionally, junior Daniel Peterkin, a dedicated student with a keen interest in conducting, led one of the choir pieces. 

Miss Carpenter went on to speak on Peterkin’s interest in conducting the choir piece. 

“In recent years, Daniel has been the only person who has expressed interest in conducting,” said Miss Carpenter. “We hope to offer this opportunity to more students in the future, but he has really taken to it.”

The band segment of the concert, directed by Mr. Darrohn, featured an impressive range of pieces. Darrohn detailed the preparation process, which began just after Christmas. 

“The concert band had as many as 20 songs that we initially worked on before narrowing it down for the concert,” said Mr. Darrohn. “I choose a variety of music types and then we refine the selection.”

With the band meeting during eighth period and the jazz band rehearsing after school, students had many opportunities to better their skills. Mr. Darrohn also emphasized the importance of these ensembles in maintaining and growing Carroll’s music program. 

“We’re at the mercy of whoever shows up, as some elementary schools no longer have band programs,” said Mr. Darrohn. “The last class with a solid feeder program was six years ago, so it’s crucial for the future of our music department.”

Mr. Darrohn, who has a personal history of conducting since his high school days, noted that the timing of the spring concert alongside a musical competition provided an added boost to the students’ performances.

Both Miss Carpenter and Mr. Darrohn expressed their pride in their students’ achievements. 

“We’re proud of all the students and what they’ve accomplished this year,” said Miss Carpenter. “It’s been a blessing to be part of their musical journey.”

The choir performs under the direction of Miss Suzanne Carpenter.
The jazz band, under the direction of Mr. Jeffrey Darrohn, performs at the spring concert.
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