TikTok: The latest trend at Archbishop Carroll


Angelina Lugo, Staff Writer

What’s that one line in “High on the Hilltop” again? Ah, yes… “red, white, and… hitting the woah?” From the dab to Renegade, from the west to the east halls, it’s an app, some say it’s cap; ultimately presenting, TikTok.

Sorry, Disney Plus and spicy chicken sandwich, looks like TikTok stole your flame. TikTok is popular nationwide and somehow this fun, frenzied app made its way inside the walls of Carroll’s halls. “TikToking” as they say, has grasped the attention of many students far and wide. TikTok is when the green screen needs you and when you represent the representable (a.k.a. you, of course).  If you need to spread a message, use a TikTok. It helps actions speak louder than words. Whenever in doubt, make a TikTok. It’s not for clout but it’s colorful like trout. There’s always some sort of creativity that’s a complete mood or puts a smile on your face. Just be careful of where you make one — keep it out of the classroom and the hallway. Other than that, this musical dance app is sure to please. Congrats TikTok, you won the Carroll Trending award (for now).

This entertaining app was released September 2017, thanks to Byte-Dance, a Chinese engineering company that made apps like FlipChat and Duoshan. During the days of Byte-Dance going solo, the U.S. was playing up the modish app Musical.ly for its obscure yet comedic lip syncing and dance entertainment. Byte-Dance took interest in the app and purchased the company, later merging it with their company’s funky works and botta bing botta boom, TikTok was born. TikTok’s popularity peaked on December 2018 with six million installs and the app is still enjoyed by many today. How it’s done is not a complicated salsa dance (unless you want it to be). You choose your music, press the red button on your screen, and unleash your inner creativity. Some popular dance challenges to get you started (if you haven’t already, though you probably have since they’re so popular) are “Obsessed,” “Dip and Lean,” “A-punk,” “The Git Up,” “HB,” “Spooky Scary Skeletons,” or “Hey Julie.”  There’s so much more to choose from (create, even) and who knows, maybe you could be the next Loren Gray, Awez Darbar, or even JiffPom (hey, anything is possible).  Sometimes the TikToks can be cringe-worthy, crazy, or relaxed, and despite having notoriety for being addictive, it’s still an app that allows you to express you. Once again, congrats Tiktok, you’ve won the hearts of many Carroll students; let’s see if you can keep it up.

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