Math teacher Emma Volpe makes her mark on Archbishop Carroll by being helpful



Mrs. Emma McNamara Volpe is a well-liked math teacher.

Michael Arena

Emma Volpe is a well-liked teacher at Archbishop John Carroll High School who teaches math and also enjoys helping students in every aspect of their lives.

“When I was younger I always loved to help others figure things out, no matter what it was,” Mrs. Volpe said.

She knew she wanted to become a teacher and help students because her teachers were very involved in her student life. Her teachers helped her focus and get her work done, but also personally connected with her. This made her want to help students in all aspects of their childhood, including helping them with their problems outside of school and just being someone that her students can be comfortable around.

Mrs. Volpe went to Penncrest High School in Media and made money babysitting her neighbors. She met her future husband during her freshman year at Penncrest. They both were in the same friend group. Eventually, during her last year of college, Mr. Volpe messaged Mrs. Volpe — who was then Emma McNamara —  on Instagram and asked her to dinner. They continued to date and eventually married.

Mrs. Volpe went to Cabrini University in Radnor and majored in mathematics and secondary ed.  She eventually decided that she would teach math because her parents really encouraged her and wanted her to be something great. Not a lot of math teachers were women and this encouraged her to succeed. Originally, Mrs. Volpe wanted to study elementary education. She took one semester of classes and knew she needed more in her career. 

Mrs. Volpe started student teaching at Cardinal O’Hara High School in Springfield, Delaware County, the year after she graduated. She continued with it for half a year and eventually got offered a full-time teaching job. Unfortunately, O’Hara had to lay off many teachers because of declining enrollment. In June of that year, she got offered a job at Archbishop John Carroll High School.

Mrs. Volpe is one of the most liked teachers according to the students. 

“Mrs. Volpe is my favorite teacher and she teaches in a fun way that makes it easier to learn,” said Lindsey Fuchs, a senior. 

“Mrs. Volpe is very nice and helpful, she cares a lot about her students well being,” said Kaitlyn Maggio, also a senior.