Carroll students make New Year’s resolutions


Wikimedia Commons

Like many people, some Carroll students have set goals for themselves in 2020.

Fabiana Narda

People talk about changing themselves in the new year. Archbishop Carroll students are no different.

Several want to work on self-improvement. For some, that means improving their physical well-being.

“I want to go to the gym and work out, run at least four times a week,” said Emma Sutter, a senior. 

For others, self-improvement of the body focuses on food.

“I want to eat healthier and stop eating so much junk food,” said Bella Santagelo, a senior.

Self-improvement for senior Julia DiRita encompasses more than just the physical.

I want to improve myself in everything,” DiRita said

DiRita has been working on this resolution forever and said she wants to make it a real resolution to show people it is possible to overcome anything with enough effort. 

A lot of people wanted to improve themselves by taking a break from thinking about what is going to happen in the future and instead focusing on what is happening in the present.

“I want to live more in the moment, stop stressing and always have fun with friends,” said Sophia Priolo, a senior. 

Another Carroll student has a resolution that focuses on relationships, but not relationships with friends. 

“I want to spend more family time,” said senior Suzanne Connors

Senior Gianna Salamone wants to concentrate on a couple of relationships, too — her relationship with money and her relationship with a four-legged family member.

 “I need to spend less money, use my money wisely and spend more time with my dog,” Salamone said.