Students find new ways to have fun during COVID-19 school closure


Montana Morris

Being stuck at home during the COVID-19 outbreak means doing schoolwork online and finding new ways to have fun.

Montana Morris

On Friday, March 13, the students of Archbishop John Carroll went to school as usual. Little did they know it would be their last day in the building for at least three weeks. It also meant the end of many sports and other non-athletic activities. Since that last day at Carroll, students have been trying to cope with the bad situation. 

Seniors Isabella Deluca, Makayla Kingkiner, Jessica Gallo, Julia Walsh, and Nye Shabazz are among the hundreds of Carroll students who have been trying to keep up with their school work and stay positive and have fun during this bad time. 

“What I am doing for fun while stuck at home is watching Netflix,” DeLuca said. “My brother does not do anything but play Fortnite, but he has been doing that for years so it does not really affect him. It sucks because I still really miss all of my friends.”

Kingkiner also turned to Netflix for entertainment, at least at first.

“The first few days I did not know what to do for fun so I was just watching Netflix and doing my school work but I needed to stop and get positive so I was not miserable,” she said. “I started to play games with my two little sisters and just spend time with them and that made me really happy.” 

Like Kingkiner, Gallo has been using the time at home to spend some time with younger siblings.

“I have been trying to have fun and stay positive during all of this by going out front with my little brother and sister,” she said. “I have been trying to spend as much time as I can with my family because right now that is all you can do. It is nice having the time with my family but I really miss my friends.” 

For Walsh, the quarantine led her to focus on fitness and home improvement.

“During all of this I have been trying to have fun by starting a workout routine and doing it every day so that I feel good and productive,” she said. “I am also moving rooms in my house so I am picking a paint color and I am going to paint my room to keep me busy. It has been hard to stay positive during all of this but I am trying my very best.” 

Shabazz has been spending some of her at-home time in the kitchen.

“To try and have some fun I make dinner every night,” she said. “I also have been doing homework!”