Quang “Benji” Bui: Senior memory

Quang Bui

Senior year in high school is always a bittersweet year for every student. This is the time when a senior looks back and says, I wish I had more time here. Even though this is my first year and also my last year at Archbishop John Carroll, I am proud to say that the Carroll community is my second family. I’ve made a lot of new friendships and become more outgoing.

Being a student at Carroll has shaped me into a person I am today. I have grown so much and have been able to turn into a mature adult. I have taken on many responsibilities and been able to make things turn out successful. I am confident enough to say “no” and speak up. I’ve always wanted people to accept me by agreeing with their opinions. Becoming more open to new people and experience has also taught me a lot about accepting myself and other people. I’ve become more independent throughout my senior year. I also learned that when I fail to do something, I should not give up on it because everything happens for a reason.

Carroll also changed my perspective on life. I am now thankful just to be able to have an education or little things like a safe place to live. Life has more meaning than what I thought it had. Carroll made me realize that I should appreciate the good little things more and worry less about the bad things.