Nicholas Della Donna: Senior memory

When deciding on a high school, there was never any other choice but Carroll. My brother Matt attended Carroll and graduated in 2016. He had such a great high school experience and wanted the same for me. There was only one difference; he was really outgoing and I was really shy. I wasn’t convinced that I would feel the same way he did about Carroll. Matt played both lacrosse and football throughout high school and I would go to all of his games. Because I was always around, I got to know many of his friends.

When I started freshman year, I was really nervous walking through those doors. Seeing so many familiar faces definitely helped me feel more comfortable. Knowing many upperclassmen made me feel like I belonged there. I was even lucky enough to get driven to school by one of my neighbors, who was on my brother Matt’s lacrosse team. My transition into high school would have been much more difficult if it wasn’t for all of those familiar faces in the halls.
By junior year, I had my path somewhat figured out. I started tech school and began to study half day in the electrical program at North Montco Technical Career Center. Although I really enjoyed my time here, I was also missing the other half of my day at Carroll. I had met many new friends and was finally feeling like I belonged there.

Looking back at that first day at Archbishop Carroll, I walked through those front doors a shy 15 year old but I am leaving a much more confident young man. I am grateful for many things: For those upperclassmen who helped me to feel welcomed, to all of the friends that I’ve made over the last four years, and most especially to all of my teachers that gave me the confidence to start the next chapter of my life.