Isabella DeLuca: Senior memory

Isabella DeLuca

Before I came to Archbishop John Carroll for high school, I was someone who was afraid to stick up for myself and do certain things because of what people might think of me. There were some instances where I wouldn’t stick up for myself because I didn’t want to hurt others by speaking my mind. I just would let people say what they wanted either to me or behind my back and I would just stand there and take it. Although the things people have said to me or about me has never hurt me, I was frustrated that I could never stick up for myself. 

The friends who I have gained from Archbishop Carroll both taught and showed me that keeping my words and thoughts to myself isn’t healthy for me. My friends have shown me that it is ok to speak my mind. Over the four years that I have attended Carroll, I have grown into the person I have always wanted to become. My friends from Carroll not only showed me that sticking up for myself is ok, they also showed me that it is ok to be myself. I met these friends in the beginning of my freshman year of high school. We all barely knew each other and still we were there for each other and helped each other grow. We all became the people we have always wanted to be because we had each other and I am forever grateful for that.