Fernando “Gabe” Feliciano: Senior memory

Fernando Feliciano

At Carroll I have a lot of memories, some great and some not so great. I have met a lot of important people and some great friends at Carroll, some I would’ve never imagined being friends with.

Before junior year I wasn’t very involved in clubs or any of that so my mom forced me to join the stage crew. As a result, I joined the stage crew and began one of the best times at Carroll. ACTS has truly changed my life and have sparked some amazing friendships, some even beyond Carroll.

Some of the greatest and the most stressful memories from it could be hanging lights for the shows and thinking that one of these days I’m gonna fall out of the light loft. Another great memory is when we started building the set and it started out as nothing. Right before the show we get to see what we built and it’s so rewarding to see it after spending a lot of time working on it. Being in ACTS is so rewarding and you get to experience things you never thought you would have experienced. 

One last thing: just remember to get involved in something you like and enjoy; it doesn’t matter what your friends or peers think. You are probably going to regret some things in the future, and I would’ve probably regretted not joining ACTS.