Lindsey Fuchs: Senior memory

Lindsey Fuchs

Every memory I have from Archbishop Carroll is a good one, but because I have to choose one I guess I can try to. 

One of my favorite things I have done throughout my four years at Carroll is travel to Florida to compete with my cheer team. Although all the times were amazing, the one that stuck out to me the most was my junior year trip in February, 2019. This specific team was special because it had girls on it who had been cheering with me from the very beginning and they were now seniors. This was also the year that we finally had a chance at winning, or at least coming close. 

When we got to Florida we had a few days to chill by the pool, lay in the sun and practice before the big competition. When it came time for competition day, Kaitlyn Maggio and I split a bagel, like we do before every performance, then we headed to the arena. Before it was our turn to go to warm ups, we got to watch other teams and cheer them on. Then, we got called to warmups and when we finished we had to wait in a line before our performance. In this line my team had a big pep talk and we all cried thinking that this could be our last performance together. Turns out it wasn’t, it was actually our best performance yet. Julia Caponi had a broken wrist, so she had to sit out but was still there to support us. When our coaches went to get the score sheet and we hit 0 (for the people that don’t know what this means, we did not have any deductions off of our score sheet, which is very hard to do). Shortly after, we went to the awards and found out we were,at that point, fifth in the nation in our division. 

Even though we went on to compete the next day and did not do so well, this is my best memory with my team and at Carroll because Carroll cheer has never done that well at nationals before, so it was a very happy and memorable moment in my eyes.