Kyle Ly: Senior memory

Kyle Ly

At Carroll my favorite memory was going on a service trip to Harlan, Kentucky, over the summer of 2019 with 20 other junior and seniors. When coming to Carroll I would have never thought that I would have volunteered to go on a service trip to help people in need rebuild their homes with some of my friends. However, over the course of the week that we were there helping I got to know everyone more and now call all 20 of them friends. 

When we first got to Harlan, Kentucky, our first task was to help a lady take down an abandoned church that her husband was the priest of before but he passed away. Taking down the church was really ironic because one of our leaders was Fr. Spez, and when he heard that we were going to demo a church we all laughed and looked at Fr. Spez. After demoing the church we then were given the task to pick up many shingles off the ground. My whole group looked at all the shingles and were shocked we had to pick them all up but none of us complained and we all worked together to get the job done. 

On this trip I learned how fun it is to help others in need, to never complain, to work together, to always try new things and have fun.