Juliano Mastrocola: Senior memory

Juliano Mastrocola

There have been a lot of great memories at Carroll, from playing different sports like football and baseball to just messing around in the classroom, joking with some friends. A memory that stands out the most is just being able to play baseball every year. 

Playing baseball has helped me grow closer to my friends and teammates. Every year we always had a close knit team and everyone got along very well. We were more than just a baseball team; we were like a family. We would always do things together, like hitting before practice, working out together, practicing on our off days, and just hanging out after games and practices.

 A memory that stands out to me is our 2018 baseball team; going down to Myrtle Beach for our pre-season was very fun. The amount of time we got to spend together as a team really helped us grow and bond. 

It stinks that our senior year season got cut very short because of this virus. Before it got cut short we started practicing every day and I could tell we had a special and very close team this year. I knew we were good but I really wish we could have played to show everyone else just how good we were going to be.