Russell Minor-Shaw: Senior memory

Russell Minor-Shaw

My best moment at Carroll was when we played Neumann Goretti.

The day of the game everyone was nervous because it was homecoming and we had to win. We couldn’t lose. We had been preparing for the game the whole week because Neumann was a good team and well coached. We couldn’t make too many mistakes. Before the game I was so nervous but after the first hit I wasn’t as nervous as I was at the beginning.

In the first half we were up two touchdowns. We were executing all of our plays and the defense was playing well, too. When the second half started, Neumann came out and ran the kickoff back. That startled us. The offense came out slow. We didn’t score the whole third quarter and we were down going into the fourth quarter.

The score was 21-14 with Neumann in the lead and we knew we had to play better this quarter. We started out with the ball and drove down, scored, and we took a lot of time off the clock. There were, like, only three minutes left when they got the ball back and our defense had to step up because we needed the ball back to win the game. Our defense stepped up big, stopping them and leaving only a minute and 30 on the clock. 

There was a lot of pressure on me because I had to drive my offense down the field somehow. We were starting at the 50 and only had two timeouts. The first play we ran, we got no yards and the clock was running so we had to hurry up and run another play. The next play we got a first down. The clock stopped with only 40 seconds left and we were on the 40 yard line. We tried to pass the ball but no one was open so I had to run and only got 5 yards and we had to use a timeout. 

During the timeout, we talked about the play we were going to run. We came out of the huddle and lined up. I hiked the ball and threw it up and our wide out caught the ball and everyone went crazy. They got the ball back but our defense stopped them.

That’s one of my best moments at Carroll.