Dante Palermo: Senior memory

Dante Palermo

My favorite class is English, because I have made the most memories with my friends in that class. Mrs. Gimpel, also known as G, makes the class enjoyable and entertaining. 

Mrs. Gimpel is a really great teacher and knows how to get the class involved. She is very funny and she makes the most boring old literature interesting and keeps everyone awake. 

I walked into Mrs. Gimpel’s class for the first time junior year and was seated right next to Laf (Jason LaFontano). Little did she know that Laf was my best friend and we literally laugh about everything. She soon came to realize that this would be a problem, but no matter where we got moved to we were always laughing. 

I was blessed to have her as a teacher again for my senior year. I walked into her classroom and said my usual, “What’s up, G?” and then  was greeted with “My guyyyyyyy.” I looked over and there he was; it was Laf! G was blessed with another “year” of the dynamic duo! I really looked at the class and knew it was going to be a good year. This class will go down as my favorite class ever. It was filled with all my friends Laf, Jules, Evan, Rob, Nic, and many more. These little moments always make me laugh, when I think about it.