Mazin Qawasmy: Senior memory

Mazin Qawasmy

My favorite memories of my senior year would have to be third-period lunch every day. It was the best. You might ask: Really. Wow. So exciting. Lunch was your favorite …? Yes, it really was. 

Every day Andy Browoski, Brenden Sowa, Stephen Kaelin, Ronan Loftus, and I had a ball as we sat around the table waiting for each other’s arrival to the amazing Carroll cafeteria. The excitement would build in anticipation of what we knew the Carroll faculty would not approve of.  Once we all arrived we would have our daily shooting competition using our trash.  I guess you could say that it wasn’t all bad. At least the trash was going in the trash can where it belonged.  

We would spend time talking about our days or what was going on that weekend. Occasionally, we would also have a war with the senior girls across from us; it was literally war.  We had food fights every day, but, don’t worry, we never left the cafe dirty. 

Carroll’s cafeteria food was different every day but everyone knows that one bite of those wraps and you knew how the rest of your day was going to go.  We would judge them based on the first bite — just one bite told you everything.  

Now, honestly, this is where the best part comes in: when Carroll Corner was opened on a 75-degree hot, sunny day, we would buy candy, go outside to enjoy the nice fresh air, throw the ball around, and just chill. 

I am really gonna miss my lunchtime every day and the friends I shared it with.  I love my table and I love Carroll.  Thank you for the memories,

Qwaz out!