Christopher Walker: Senior memory

Christopher Walker

I have very many good memories from my time at Archbishop Carroll High School over the past four years. I had many good times at school with all of the new friends that I have made over the years. 

I would have to say my all time favorite memory would have to be playing our senior night football game at the Villanova University football field. It was an amazing experience to play in a stadium of that size.  The game was absolutely amazing!  All of us seniors appreciated the love we got from our family, faculty and administration from Archbishop Carroll and the many friends who came out to watch us play. Nothing beats the sound of the crowd echoing throughout the stadium.  We played a good game and had a blast while doing it. After a close first half we made some minor adjustments and we came out in the second half and lit up West Catholic.

 It was an awesome feeling to get a solidifying win in a stadium like that with my teammates and with my family watching. There was no better feeling than after a win when you high five your teammates and hug your family members in the parking lot.