Ryan Walker: Senior memory

Ryan Walker

 I can say that without a doubt that my favorite memory at Archbishop Carroll is when I went on Kairos in October. It’s an experience that I care about so personally and has affected me in so many different ways, and it truly strengthened my relationship with me, others, and God. 

I never really was all for the idea of Kairos at first, but as the week progressed, it became more and more apparent to me why so many people hold this so deeply to their hearts. I think I was a bit hesitant at first because I had never confronted myself about any of these things, but now I was going to be doing it for a week. I was able to see a more vulnerable side of people, and it really changed my perspective of others and how to never make prejudgements about people when I barely even know them. Not even just seeing this side of them, but the relationships I’ve made with people that I wouldn’t have made in any other situation have just been tremendous for me. On this retreat I have met some of the nicest, funny, caring, and charismatic people I know/still talk to today. 

I’m so glad that I got to attend Kairos in October/January and it’ll always be the Carroll memory that I hold near and dear to my heart.