Jiaao Wang: Senior memory

This is my first year abroad. When I first came here, I was very unadaptable, because the teaching system differences between the United States and in China are too big.

For example, in China, every student only stays in one class, and different teachers will come to teach. It was funny that I could not find which class I should go to on the first day. 

Also, as a senior, all the students around me had friends who have been together for three years, so I thought it would be hard for me to get friends. However, all of my classmates are very friendly, so I quickly made a lot of good friends.

In addition, I also joined the school’s ice hockey team at the beginning of the school year  and spent the whole season with the players. 

Although I may not be able to see my teachers and classmates again, I still want to thank you for your company in such a wonderful semester.