Kenneth Williams: Senior memory

Kenneth Williams

As my senior year comes to an end in the manner in which it’s ending, with the coronavirus and all, it’s easy to feel down. Although my year is ending in such a way, I’m still glad that I got to experience all four years with such a family. We came in as kids and left as adults. In the process, we created all these great memories that will stick with us for the rest of our lives. Throughout my four years, I’ve met some of the funniest, smartest,weirdest, and unique people ,to say the least. 

It’s hard to choose one memory. It’s a lot to pick from, like the time me and a couple friends started a Beyblade league and held bets. Maybe that one time when people were throwing textbooks and backpacks out the window like heathens. There was also a time when we would grab mops, chairs, or even broomsticks and chase each other around like idiots during a free period. When we held our traditional assemblies, like Mr. Patriot or Students vs Teacher games, I couldn’t help laughing or smiling at my peers. 

If I had to choose my favorite memory, it would be all of them — from freshman year gym class with Mr. Keehn to Kairos 101 and all of the bed flipping that happened on the trip. I remember someone even went as far to put some guy’s bed in the bathroom one night! Like I said, it’s hard to just think about one memory. There are so many!

I’m going to miss Carroll and everyone’s vibrant smiles, jokes, laughs, and an inviting community that welcomed a shy kid who never expected it.