Joseph Gallo: Senior memory

Joseph Gallo

I did not have any intention on going to Kairos because I thought it was a complete waste of time. Days leading up to when everything was due for the trip, Gianna Salamone, who is actually like a little sister to me, was leading. She proceeded to take my laptop and sign me up for Kairos in the middle of Mrs. Mac’s class. I wasn’t nervous to go, but I felt weird that I was leaving home and not going to have my phone or anything for a couple days. I was not looking forward to this at all. 

Most of the people I have known very well or for a long time were on this trip with me. What made our Kairos special and different than all the other ones was that Luke was supposed to come with us. We all felt his presence there in some way. We also had 43 guys and seven girls on ours. All of us guys had such a great time throughout those couple days. We got to learn more about our faith, hang out, talk and know that everyone goes through something and you are not the only one. You see how much people actually care about you, how lucky you are to have the friends and family you have and how grateful you are that you go to Carroll. I would not trade my experience, my group, and the group that was with us there for anything in the world.