Bo “Christy” Huang: Senior memory

Christy Huang

Carroll is not my first school in the United States. However, it is definitely the most special one. The most special teacher who always said silly words when she was excited, the most special hallway that always has someone who doesn’t put the shirts in, and the most special classmates who would like to go to the restroom in Wayne during the class time. In this place, all stress from assignments and exams change to a happy way.

I still remember the first day in Carroll. It is totally new. Everyone is strange but enthusiastic. When I was lost because of odd and even buildings, there was someone who always helped me patiently with a smile.

Two years passed quickly. I didn’t even think that I had to spend the last semester at home and I lost my graduation ceremony.

I still remember my most excited moment of my last year. It was when I got my new schedule and realized my English teacher for next year is still Gimpel. She is such a funny teacher and understands every student. I have no stress but all happiness in her class even though I didn’t talk that much. 

Carroll is not like a school but is more like a community or a family.