Mikayla Kingkiner: Senior memory

Mikayla Kingkiner

One of my favorite memories at Archbishop Carroll High School was probably during my freshman year when I went to Disney World with the cheerleading team. 

We went to Disney World in February for nationals. We all had so much fun even though we had to practice. We still made it fun and whenever we had free time we would all rush to the parks. 

Frank Fox also came down to Florida to support the teams on the competition day and on Friday night we had dinner with him. 

One of my coaches, Alesa, also got engaged during the trip, which was a fun surprise and we all celebrated.

It was nice to get away from the cold weather in Pennsylvania and be in Florida for a few days. We made the most of the days that we were there and once we were done cheering, we spent our days at the pool and the parks. 

Although it was the end of our cheerleading season, it brought us all together because we spent a lot of time bonding and getting to know each other even more than we already were. It was such a good experience, especially during my freshman year.