Patrick Marley: Senior memory

Patrick Marley

My favorite memory at Carroll was when I went on my Kairos retreat. Everything that I did at Carroll was memorable, but Kairos was by far the best one for me. 

Kairos was something that really changed my life. At first when I went into it, I really thought that I was going to hate every part of it. I was one of the kids who was so negative about it and I dreaded going to it. The first day was kind of boring and I still thought that I was going to hate it but as time went on it kept getting better and better. 

By the end of Kairos, I loved every second of it. I was impacted so much in so many different ways. Hearing other people’s stories made me have a different look on life. It helped me to gain friendships and I have become so close with all of the people who were in my group.  I even was chosen to talk in the closing ceremony about my experience in front of all the parents. 

Now that I went to Kairos, I am really interested in leading. I really miss Kairos and if I have a chance to go back one more time I would do it right away. I would love to make an impact on other students as it impacted me.