Emily McCormick: Senior memory

Emily McCormick

Over the past four years at Carroll I have made many memories that are precious to me and it’s hard to pick just one.  I narrowed things down my experience with ACTS. 

While I was a part of ACTS, I created many memories with my friends and my ACTS family. One time segment in my memory of my time with ACTS that really stands out to me is when I was a part of the costume crew as assistant costume designer. 

I have been a part of the ACTS family for all four years of high school. During my time as a part of this amazing group of people I found who I really wanted to be and where I wanted to see myself in the future. I had never been specifically a part of the costume crew before senior year, but I loved helping with costume crew when I was a part of the cast. 

In ACTS fall 2019 show, White Christmas, I was the assistant costume designer and I got to see and experience an entirely new side of theater and I fell in love with it.  Being a senior and assistant costume designer it was a lot to handle but I had a lot of fun with helping make costumes and helping the actors with costumes. Being a part of the costume crew I got to alter costumes, do last minute costume fixes, and run the costumes (keep them organized for changes) backstage. We had a lot of costume changes for White Christmas so it was a lot of work to  keep things from getting dirty or lost. It was a whole different perspective from being on stage worrying only about your lines, songs and dance steps.

I am glad I did one show as only assistant costume designer as it was a lot of stress on top of adjusting to senior year level classes, especially with three honors classes, but I wouldn’t change the experience for the world.  I would have liked to finish off the year as planned being assistant costume designer and one of the ensemble princesses in Once Upon A Mattress. I’m sure it would have been a new level of stress and juggling, especially finishing the yearbook, but I think it would have made so many more memories with my ACTS friends and family.  

The memories of various people not being able to find pieces of costumes, the feather coming out of the giant fan, the chaos of all the hats, and the boys putting on the tulle skirts every show will live on in my memories for years to come.