Laura McMonagle: Senior memory

Laura McMonagle

On Friday, June 8, 2018, I was signed up to sing at the music banquet for choir. When it was my turn to perform, the music director announced my name. He also announced that it was my dad’s birthday that day. I went up to the microphone and sang “Happy Birthday” to my dad but as I sang it, I pronounced my last name the wrong way. After I sang “Happy Birthday,” I sang my serious song, “Audition” from La La Land. I announced the song that I was going to perform in the microphone. I went to the pianist and told her when I was ready. I started to sing and the audience got quiet. I was singing my song! 

When I was done singing the song, a girl named Angelica Palmore, ‘19, said to me, “Laura, that was amazing! That was really good! You literally killed it out there!” I said “Aw! Thank you so much!” she said back to me, “I really mean it!” She hugged me as I started to cry. As I was crying, I said back to her, “Thank you so much! That means a lot to me!” And hugged her again for a long time. 

After a couple more performances, we talked again. I was still crying but, right as I started to cry again, she said, “Don’t come to talk to me if you are going to cry again because you are going to make me cry.” I tried to get myself together so that I could talk to her again. We were chatting about the show and that she told me that she was the president of Mixed Select Choir. She also told me that she would do anything to let me be in Mixed Select for next year only if I audition. She also said that I should get a lead in the show for next shows even when she is not there. Angelica’s words are so powerful to me that I cry every time she talks to me.