Montana Morris: Senior memory

Montana Morris

There are so many memories that I have made at Carroll I could not pick just one, so I decided to pick the memory / person who has made the biggest impact on my life at Carroll throughout two out of my four years. Mrs. Gimpel, I decided to write about you! You have impacted my life greatly and I am beyond grateful to have you as a teacher and a guide these past two years. 

Going into junior year was a struggle for me, and at the end of sophomore year I lost my best friend to gun violence and I hated just about everything. Having your class every day made it just a little bit easier; you were like my “school mom.” 

Mrs. Gimpel, the impact you made on my life will never ever be forgotten.  You taught me to never stop trying and working hard even when I hated the assignment and would complain to you about it. You may be hard on all of us but it’s because you care. The last two years having you as a teacher was a blast. I knew I could come to you for advice, or help with school work, or just to chat; like I said, you were the “Carroll mom.” I will forever hate Shakespeare but I would not want any teacher besides you to force me to pay attention and yell at me to get off my computer or my phone. 

Mrs. Gimpel, you made my last two years at Carroll unforgettable. I wish we had the last few months together, but I promise I will come visit you when corona is over. Thank you for shaping me into the student and writer I am today and for having such a big impact on my life the past two years.