Peyton Morrow: Senior memory

Peyton Morrow

In my years at Archbishop Carroll, the Kairos retreat was my favorite thing. All throughout high school at Carroll, all you hear about is Kairos. You also hear a lot about no one being able to tell you what it really is. Throughout the years of hearing chatter about it, you start to make up what you think it is in your head. The prediction I had for Kairos was very much wrong. 

In my head, Kairos was a total Jesus camp where they made you sit in church all day without your phones and you eat horrible food. I was wrong. Kairos taught me to not make assumptions about people because you really can’t judge a book by its cover. That is ironic because I judged Kairos in my head without knowing what I was talking about. 

Listening to everyone’s stories, even some teachers or students I wasn’t extremely fond of, made me realize that behind closed doors people can go through things that you’d never think of. It taught me to be a nicer person. 

As for the religious aspect of it, I definitely have a better relationship with God and just religion overall. Not having our phones really made you pay attention to what and who is around you instead of a bunch of fake posts on social media. The God moments are real especially if you keep an eye out for them. 

Kairos opened my eyes to both God and treating others better without judging them. I am eternally grateful to both Carroll and Kairos. If I could go back and do it all over again, I would.