Evan Paolino: Senior memory

Evan Paolin

Coming into the home stretch of senior year, to think of a memory in my two years at Carroll is very hard. There have been so many. The people I’ve met, the lessons I learned, and the places I’ve gone that have made me who I am today. Carroll will always have that special place in my heart. Of all the things that I experienced at Carroll, my favorite memory or memories, really, were the times me and my friends spent our lunch period outside.

During junior year, my first year here, I had about 11 friends who I sat with at lunch. Lunch in high school is the equivalent of recess and that is what it was like last year. When the weather started getting nicer, we started joining another group of kids outside. I didn’t really know these kids too well but my friends did, so I began talking to them and making more friends. From then on, going outside became our new thing. We would race each other, play some sort of sport, or even just sit and talk. It was just outside on the red benches behind the school where I made some of my best friends, had some of the best laughs, and began to love my school.

We kept the tradition alive in senior year, doing the same things, getting to fool around, and making some of my most significant high school memories. After quarantine started, I noticed how much I missed those times. It was truly one of those times where Carroll itself felt like home. I never understood what made those times so special until it all came to an end. I hope that whenever I need to relive my high school experience, I can think of these great times.