Ciera Simms: Senior memory

Ciera Simms

My memories at Carroll are the ones in which I met some great people who became my best friends, especially two of my friends, Nadia Phillips and Sarah Bagans, who already graduated from Carroll last year. I still keep in touch with them. I became good friends with Nikki Naegele, Sydney Brockenbrough, and Eva Webb during freshman year, while I really got to know Emily McCormick, Meg Birch, and Laura Mcmonagle during my sophomore year at lunch. 

The reason they became my friends was because I had some similar interests that they also shared, like music, movies, and TV shows. The same thing happened again during my last two years when I met Sam Vassallo in my junior year and Annaliese Boubert senior year. They have been really great friends to me by always comforting me when I was really upset and I was there for them as well when they needed me there for any kind of support. 

Another memory is in my freshman theology class with Mrs. Honyara. Sydney, Nikki, and I always had so much fun in that class and many memories during it. Mrs. Honyara was a cool teacher you could talk to and was really chill and so was Mr. Fryberger’s history class freshman year. He was good at teaching us and dealing with us when we were joking around too much. He also liked the nicknames we had for him that we made up for him.