Amiri Stewart: Senior memory

My favorite memory of being at Carroll is meeting the new people I would call my family.

 I was skeptical of coming to Carroll because I didn’t want to leave my old school. One of the first friends I gained at Carroll is Dominic Montanez. He is probably the person I am most close with. 

Then, I met this kid named Brandon Banks and he was by far one of the chillest people I ever met and we clicked instantly. Sadly, he only went to  Carroll for three months before he moved in with his mom to New Jersey. 

 There is Anquan Hill. I don’t know how to explain it but I guess because we both have identical personalities. We became friends. Also we play on the same team for basketball. 

I met Bryan Carter and we almost have the same life family-wise. My parents and his parents became really close and my sister and his sister became the best of friends. 

 There is Robbie Grasso. He transferred to Carroll his junior year as well and the first time we spoke was on the court. Ever since then, we became really close. All these guys are my brothers, and I count them as my family.