Zhilin Tan: Senior memory

Zhilin Tan

To be honest, I never thought I could have such a pleasant life abroad. When I was still in China, I never stopped dreaming about studying abroad. I usually only worried about my happiness when I study abroad. Obviously, all the anxiety disappeared by the time I got here. Carroll’s students are the friendliest I’ve ever seen, whether it’s in groups in class, or in Kairos. Everywhere I could feel that they were being honest and polite with me.

Of course, the most memorable experience was the Kairos retreat. Many images still linger in my mind. My group leader was Owen, and all the people in the group had a class with me. We kind of knew each other, but as the conversation went on and on, the bond between us grew deeper and deeper. I still remember Owen talking about how upset he was when his mother died. I gave him a hug with everyone. 

As far as I know, it would be very difficult for this to happen in my country’s high school. Everyone can have such a long time to sit down and have a good talk. For three days, time seemed to stop. This memory I think I will never forget in my life. Karios taught me that there is love between people, even though this love usually doesn’t show up.