Bowen “Jeremy” Chen: Senior memory

Jeremy Chen

It is getting close to the end of my four years in high school. I feel bad that I can’t spend the last moment with my fellas, teachers and Carroll. In these four years, I’ve changed a lot, from a young kid to a mature man. I was shy, but now, I am doing better. 

It was tough when I first came to the United States. I didn’t really get to know anybody on my first day at Carroll because I was quite shy at that time. My homeroom was 2D and the homeroom teacher was Mr. Knowlton. He said, “2D or not 2D; that’s the question.” I knew that was from Hamlet, which we learned senior year. I felt it was better for HR 2B to say that. 

Next, I went through all of my periods. In the fourth period, I found there was nobody in Room 123, which was Ms. Volpe’s Algebra II classroom. Later, I found out that I was the only freshman in her class, so she didn’t come that day. I went to my fifth period while everybody was in the fourth period. I met a man walking upstairs. 

I walked to him and asked where I should go. He took me to his classroom and I found out he was my fifth period history teacher, Mr. Flannery. We spent several awkward times waiting for the rest of my classmates to come. 

Later at Carroll, I met Brian Haughton, Ryan Walker, Mounif Fallouh, Michael Shivers, Mason Abney, Fernando Feliciano, Danny Remar, and Marco Cunicelli. We hang out sometimes and join the same activities after school. 

I did crew my freshman year. We won two medals. One of them was a silver medal in the city championship.

My favorite teacher is always Mr. Mounayar. He is such a funny guy. He has some kind of magic that makes people happy and his class is not boring. I had his class for two years, and spent three years doing Mathletes with him. Luckily, we got our first trophy this year. 

Kairos was an amazing experience. I’ve met some people that I’ve never seen even though we’re in the same grade. Everyone has struggles and problems in his/her life, but they always look happy at school. During Kairos, I realized there are more people than I know who care and support me. 

I went back to China in January 2020. After I came back from home, I had to stay in quarantine for two weeks. I missed a lot of school work. Most of my teachers care about me and really help me a lot. For instance, Mrs. Gimpel spent her free time after school to help me go over stuff that I missed on Hamlet; and Capt. Boyce cut off the work I missed and told me, “Don’t look back at the past; you are moving forward.” 

I really had a wonderful experience at Carroll and I will never forget everyone I met at this place. Time goes by so fast. I feel like I am still a freshman, but now I am going to college. I will miss everyone. I will miss you, Carroll.