C.J. Dieh: Senior memory

C.J. Diehl

When thinking about my four years at Carroll I remember my freshman year, shuffling my feet in the hallway and barely speaking. I honestly don’t remember talking to anyone except those at my lunch table. 

In my sophomore year, where I took my first honors class and started talking to people who I didn’t know from grade school. Junior year everyone knows everybody and friend groups shelter themselves and no one talks outside their circle. Thankfully, I found my way into one of those circles before the doors closed. 

My friends have helped me become more active in the Carroll community which is what I’m most thankful for, especially looking at how our high school experience ended so abruptly. I’m thankful for not having those regrets for not participating and I’m thankful for going to events because my friends forced me to go. This year was my first year going to THON and even though I spent half the night painting a shoe, I had fun doing it because I was doing it with my friend. Who would ever think that Frisbee is fun? When I heard that Carroll had a team I think I laughed. It’s three years later and now me and three of my teammates are going to be playing at Temple together. 

          This year was hard for our class especially. I learned that whether I am frustrated or sad a friend’s shoulder is always better than facing my problems by myself. Funny things that happen in the moment or everyday inside jokes will eventually be forgotten. I don’t believe it’s possible to forget my friends even if I tried. That’s why my favorite high school memory will forever be my friends.