A’Najah Jones-Dowling: Senior memory

My favorite memory from Carroll is definitely Kairos. This past January, I attended K101 with Ms. Mac and Gianna Salamone as my leaders. It was absolutely the best experience I’ve had at Carroll and I wish that I could go again. I also wish that Kairos was longer! 

At first, I didn’t want to attend Kairos at all. The idea of being away from home for three days with people I didn’t know at all scared me. Knowing that we couldn’t have our phones and talked to our loved ones bothered me the most. Everyone who went on previous Kairos’ told me how great it was and that’s what encouraged me to go. 

It turned out to be such fun and it was way different than what I expected.

I really can’t go into detail about what happened at Kairos but I will share a little about my experience. When I went on K101, I met some of my best friends and became family with people that I had never even held a conversation with before Kairos. There were constant conversations every night that were always extremely interesting. I came out of my comfort zone and surely gained some confidence from talking with my new friends every day. 

I am glad that I went on Kairos. It is a memory that I will live with forever.