Max Ritter: Senior memory

Max Ritter

All of my best memories here were having an amazing time with the people I love. I do not have one specific memory to recollect on. All the time spent with my friends,whether that was out in the parking lot before and after school, in the lunchroom around our table, or in the locker room with my teammates or on the bus on the way to a game are my most treasured times spent at Carroll. The memories that were made in and around Carroll and out on the all of the fields we played lacrosse on made me who I am now. 

My favorite memory or memories would have to be all of the times the team would sing “Wagon Wheel” by Darius Rucker together on the way to a game or on the way home from a win. The feeling on that bus was a family and I have no other ways to describe these moments from my time at Carroll besides having an amazing time with my secondary family. All the hours spent with this family, sharing laughs and tears, and all the hours spent out on the lacrosse field, giving my everything with my brothers, will always stick with me.