Michael Shivers: Senior memory

Michael Shivers

A senior memory of mine that I value is the time I spent in Mr. Kirsch’s class during my junior year. Out of all my years going to school and doing mathematics each year, I felt that I got the most out of my time being taught by Mr. Kirsch. I believe this is because he has a very straightforward learning style that is still unique to him.

 All students in his class get a nickname usually, whether you like it or not. It doesn’t matter what kind of student you are, either: quiet kids, class clown(s), average students, delinquents, or whatever. He will somehow find a way to give you a name that suits you. In my case, my nickname was “Big Mike,” which I can’t say I was a big fan of at first, yet slowly but surely somehow he warms you up to it, mostly by being called it over and over again. 

My grades had also never been higher in math class. I felt a significant change in my math abilities compared to what they used to be. The kid who struggled with the six times tables in third grade was no more. I know that is a long time back, but I felt it exaggerated that I am a slow learning math student, and I needed to focus more of my time on it than usual.
Although Mr. Kirsch accommodates to everybody’s learning pace, he can make learning Algebra II a breeze and Algebra I was brutal to me during freshman year. Mr. Kirsch is worthy of his place as a Carroll Hall of Famer, and as one of the most universally loved teachers that I’ve seen.