Andrew Borkowski: Senior memory

Andrew Borkowski

I don’t have an exact favorite memory of my time at Carroll because every day my friends and I did something funny. Sophmore year was definitely the best time by far. This was the time where I was just meeting all my good friends, who still are my best friends to this day. I was a grade younger than all the juniors but it didn’t matter. I was introduced to them the beginning of sophomore year but after that it was game over. About 10 of us had the same lunch, so of course,  we were going to test the limits. It started with messing around throwing food but that wasn’t fun enough for us. 

We decided that no matter the weather, we were going to go outside and play football or something along those lines. It began with just regular football on the pavement. The teams were decided by where you lived and it just so happens we had kids from Wayne and Newtown Square. It was a rivalry,  so,  obviously. we didn’t take it lightly. Every day,  no matter the weather,  we played intense games to see what town was better. Of course,  Wayne always won.

It later evolved into a huge match, that including the seniors in our lunch and the objective was to not get taken down. It was 20 kids all running around trying to tackle each other and whoever had the best run was looked at as the greatest. It was called the pop fest and it was my favorite time at Carroll.