DaeYahn “Daisy” Elliott: Senior memory

DaeYahn Elliott

Deciding to come to Carroll was a very easy decision. I think it was the rainbow hallway that sold me. Carroll was a completely different environment for me. 

The first day of school, I felt right at home. Getting to know everyone was pretty easy; even the upperclassmen treated us freshmen with respect and showed us love and support. I remember being so excited just to take French class with Ms. Meade. I also remember being in Mr. Spaniank’s science class; that was so crazy.

Before Carroll, I attended a public school, so going to a  Catholic school was completely new to me. With the help of my friend Chris and by going to Kairos, I started attending lunch time prayer service. Going to LTPS has helped me grow so much, spiritually. Just from prayer, I have felt so much happiness and peace in my life. 

When Luke passed, I knew that God was with us all and that He would never leave our side. It was a very hard time for all of us seniors, and when we went to the chapel, it helped heal a lot of people. 

Being at Carroll has helped me get to know myself better and I have made many lifelong friends. Without all those students, I would not be who I am today.