Brenden Fagan: Senior memory

Brenden Fagan

Throughout my four years at Carroll, I have had many highs and lows but there is no other place I’d rather do it at. That was always the way I looked at it; if I was going to go through something terrible or something great, there’s no other place I’d rather do it at. 

Carroll gave me some of my best friends and people I’ll forever be thankful I met.

It’s hard to believe it’s already over but I’m not sad it’s over; I’m happy it happened. I can’t wait for the next few years of college but I’ll always remember Carroll. 

It’s hard to even remember my first day at Carroll but I remember not being sure about it. I went from knowing everyone at grade school to only knowing a few people. Little did I know that those strangers at the time were going to be the people I grew up with and went through some of the biggest events of my life with and for that I am forever grateful I got the chance to meet them. That was the thing I learned from my four years at Carroll: the people at Carroll are what make Carroll what it is.

Even though this school has problems, I’m glad I chose to come here for high school and wouldn’t trade these last four years for the world.