Elisabeth “Bibs” Ghaul: Senior memory

Elisabeth Ghaul

Many people remember having their first day at Archbishop John Carroll High School freshman year. My first day at Carroll was my junior year. I transferred my junior year because I had friends here and they seemed to really like Carroll. 

In the summer, before transferring, I was super nervous to go to Carroll. I was nervous about how I could transfer half way through high school. Everyone had already met their own friends and I didn’t think people would be so open to meeting new people.

 Not only that, I was scared of getting used to a new environment. When I visited, everything looked the same and the numbering of the rooms confused me at first so I was sure I would get lost. 

I was surely wrong. When I first walked in I was so scared but my friend showed me where to go for homeroom. People looked at my schedule and showed me which classes to go to and how to get to them. These people are who I consider my close friends now. Every student and teacher was very nice about me being a transfer. I realized I had nothing to be worried about. 

I am so glad I made the decision to transfer so I could meet the best teachers and friends.